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Icons of Jesus Christ
We are pleased to offer icons of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Please contact us if you do not see the icon you are looking for.  We work very hard to hand embellish our icons as to look like handwritten originals, but at prices ten times or more times less expensive than originals.
The icons below are prior to being finished and to see samples of what our finished icons look like, kindly see our Gallery of Icons.  
We are glad to offer discounts to church Bookstores and for orders over $450.00 or 10 icons.

11S01 Pantocrator, 4th c. Sinai 8x12
Wonderworking Icon of Jesus Christ, dating back to the fourth century. The left half of Christ depicts Him as He came on earth to teach us. The right half, holding the Bible, with a hint of a tear in His eye is for the Judgement Day. He tears as many of us will have denied Him as God. The icon is of great help in any home or as a gift.
Price: $59.00
11S02 Pantocrator (detail) 4th c. Sinai 8x10
This is a close-up of the above wonderworking icon of The Pantocrator.
Price: $49.00
11S12 The Icon of Christ the Bridegroom (Ο Νυμφίος) 8x10
"Behold, the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night..." The icon shows Christ humiliated by Pontius Pilate’s soldiers. Crowned with thorns, cloaked in scarlet, bound and holding a reed, this is how Christ appears in the Bridegroom Icon, the Bridegroom Who burns with such love for us that He suffers death on the Cross.
Price: $49.00
11S15 Pantocrator 14th c Vatopaidi Monastery 8x12
This icon is a detail of a beautiful 13th or 14th century egg-tempera rendition of Christ as the “Pantocrator” (from the Greek, meaning “Ruler of All”). His face shows the traditional form of the Lord from the very earliest times: long brown hair with reddish highlights that is parted in the middle, a long thin nose, a short beard, and very expressive and aware eyes that often look right into our hearts and minds, revealing the secrets of our thoughts and intentions, as He is always their silent witness.
Price: $59.00
11S13 Christ from Deisis, 16th C Dionysiou Monastery 8x10
This 16th c. icon originally from Dionysiou Monastery on Mount Athos.
Price: $49.00
11S21 The Good Shepherd, St Anthony's Monastery 8x10
The Lord is shown here as the Good Shepherd, and He carries on His shoulders the Lost Sheep symbolizing all of us who have strayed from the perfect path of righteousness in thought, word, and deed.
Price: $59.00
11T07 Christ Enthroned, 20th C. St. Anthony's Monastery 8x10
The Lord Almighty sits on a throne as the Ruler of the universe, and in His left hand He holds an opened Gospel. With His right hand He blesses with the priestly blessing, the fingers of His hand forming the Greek letters "IC XC", which is the abbreviation for "Jesus Christ". On the upper part of the throne are symbolically represented the Four Evangelists: Matthew as a young man, Mark as a lion, Luke as an ox, and John as an eagle. All four have wings to portray their angelic nature and all carry Gospel books, for they proclaimed the Good News to the whole world through the Gospels that they have written.
Price: $59.00
11T01 Great High Priest Enthroned, 20th C. St. Anthony's Monastery 8x12
Christ is wearing the robes, the crown or miter, and the stole (omofor or omophorion) decorated with crosses worn by bishops as they vest in church during the Divine Liturgy. Christ is the Great High Priest of His Church on earth.
Price: $69.00
11T05 Christ the Light-Giver 20th c Tikhmomirov 8x12
Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer, “Light of light, true God of true God.” May He be the light by which we see all things!
Price: $69.00